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Many of our clients develop strong bonds with the horses they work with during Eagala sessions. The beautiful and relaxing images in the Trail of Painted Ponies coloring books are an excellent way to help our clients focus on self-expression and mindfulness while giving them a chance to reinforce the learning, self-growth and transformation horses have enabled in their life journeys.

Lynn Thomas, CEO, Eagala

I was very pleased to receive my advance copy of the new Painted Ponies Coloring Book.  The coloring pages are very well developed. Detailed enough to make it interesting to color but not too detailed to make it difficult to work with, and there is  a very good selection of different pictures.  The front of the book has pictures of some of the Painted Pony statues which gives the colorist an idea of what the completed pages might look like.  There is also an information page on the different artist who contributed to the book.  A nice touch are the proverbs and quotes that are included on the back of the pages.  There are also a couple pages when opened up show a double page picture to color.  Also included is a picture of a blank Painted Pony that you can design and show your own talents, and then submit for review. The cover of the book features a beautiful color picture of a Painted Pony.  All in all it is a lovely book.  It will peak your artistic talents and provide many hours of enjoyment to the colorist.  Well worth the price of admission!

Mary Tickner

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The Trail of Painted Ponies: Native American Edition

The Trail of Painted Ponies Coloring Book: Native American Edition is the first in a series of adult coloring books inspired by equine ethos and artistic expression. The Trail of Painted Ponies and Blue Star Coloring have come together to create twenty-six designs inspired by some of the most popular Painted Pony figurines rooted in Native American lore. Fifteen figurines are depicted through brilliantly detailed expressive designs. Each Pony is presented within its historical legacy and brought to life through the interpretive lens of selected artists.

Native American artistry is enormously rich and varied. While some designs are decorative in character, many are spiritually charged, arising from visions or dreams, or conveying religious beliefs. Through your color choices, and your use of blending and shading, you will add personal power to a scene or symbol, and in the process make the design your very own.

Horses have been the inspiration for artists since pigment was first applied to cave walls. This book celebrates the rich collaborative tradition of The Trail of Painted Ponies and encourages you, the colorist, to take part in this artful journey.

Book Includes:

  • 80 pages

  • 9.75" x 9.75"

  • Perforated Pages 

  • Large Fold Out Page

Native Painted Ponies Featured In Book

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